3 Strong Features of Ghost Racon: Wildlands

The first version of the game was released more than a decade ago. This game throws you into the war-torn land that is full of trouble, just like it’s previous versions. You should do your best to overrun the bad guys. Here are three strong features of this recent game that you will find interesting.

The story

It is set in Bolivia. You will use helicopters and rescue rebels. Your target is El Sueno who is the leader of the Santa Blanca cartel. He is in control of the entire region and runs his cocaine business here. Your job is to take this leader down. It is an open-world game and you have lots of freedom in movement. You will come into frequent clashes with the cartel members and the law enforcement as well. You will use lots of guns, grenades and other deadly arms in this game.

The structure

The game has only one goal, that is, to kill El Sueno. This is the uniqueness of this game from the other open-world games. You need to take down each member of the Santa Blanca cruel to progress with the game. The areas differ in the number of enemies, weapons, etc. So, you need to use better tactics for these areas. The game is meant to be played by multiple players, but you can play on your own as well. In that case, you will have three AI partners.


The game has endless customization options. You can change your character and your weaponry. You can also change the way your weapon will function. You can make your warrior as ridiculously looking as possible. You can customize your outfit to great details.

Overall, it is a wonderful game to play. As you progress, you earn points, new guns and accessories to take your enemy down. It is definitely one of the most exciting games of this year.