Top 4 Android Games You Should Play This Year

Gaming on mobile is improving day by day. Every year, these games reach new heights. Here are some of the best Android games you should play this year.


This game is about time travel. In this game, you need to get each of the spacemen to the exit that matches with their helmet color. You should guide them using arrows. You should guide spacemen through time so that they can help their previous selves. You will get the experience of moving back and forth through time. You will need to find a solution to any problem by time traveling.

Traps n’ Gemstones

This game will put you into a huge pyramid that is filled with spiders, traps, and mummies! You must find out how to steal all the valuables from here and escape. You should work your way deeper into the pyramid. By placing certain objects, you will open up new pathways.

Captain Cowboy

You are placed in a huge handcrafted world that is full of walls, boulders, and other obstacles. You will get crushed by huge rocks. You have to dig your way through dirt and use boulders to overcome your threats.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

It is one of the fastest games on Android. The tracks are more linear. You will race through cities and try to win events. When you win, you get the chance of getting a new vehicle. The look is gorgeous and the soundtrack is great.

All these games are based on different themes. They are very challenging and exciting. If you are a fan of android games, you should definitely try out these new games this year.

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