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This is a video game review site formed in 2002. Our objective is to help people make an informed decision about choosing which video game to play. Every member of our team loves playing video games. They have experience playing in various platforms. Before joining our team, they wrote in various magazines about video games.

Over the years, we have received many positive feedbacks regarding our site. This gives us motivation and helps us to grow. In this site, you will read reviews on PC games, Xbox One, and other platforms. You will get to know about the latest news from the gaming world. We write honest reviews of games. We don’t take money to write for any particular gaming company. The reviews you will read here are genuine and non-biased.

We hope our game reviews will inspire you to buy the video games and try them by yourself. Whenever you will see a new video game in the market, you will find a review of it on our site. So, read our reviews before buying your next video game.