5 Most Successful MMORPG Games Of All Time

MMORPGs or online role-playing video games where a large number of people participate simultaneously are definitely some of the most successful and addictive video games; the reason for their popularity is the same behind the success of social networks – the human brain is captivated by novelty, and an ever-changing universe where you always find something new each time you enter it is very hard to resist. So let’s see what those games that have made history after captivating thousands and thousands of users are:

1. World of Warcraft

Released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game has been followed by six expansion sets, the last one released in August 2016 (Legion). World of Warcraft is known as the world’s most-subscribed MMORPG with the following statistics: a peak of 12 million subscriptions in October 2010, 5.5 million subscriptions in October 2015, and more than 100 million accounts created over the game’s lifetime as of January 2014. Gamers control a character avatar who fights monsters, explores the landscape, completes quests, and as the game progresses, gains multiple skills and talents.

2. Dungeon Fighter Online

This game is more popular in Asia, having reached 3 million players just in China. Dungeon Fighter is free to play and has been discontinued in West because of lack of player base. The game’s original run dates from 2009, when a South Korean company called Neople had published several games on a game portal site. The game was more successful than expected and Dungeon Fighter Online was expanded after three closed testing periods. The game’s peak activity was registered in 2012, and the total gross as of March 2012 exceeded $2 billion. Dungeon Fighter has inspired an anime adaption of the game, a manga, and anime music.

3. Final Fantasy XIV

This MMORPG is part of the Final Fantasy series and the second game of this type after Final Fantasy XI. Developed by Sqaure Enix and released in September 2010, the Japanese game is set in a fantasy space called Eorzea, where players control an avatar they can customize and take to explore the land. Strengths of Final Fantasy XIV include the impressive landscape, being accessible to a large base of players, featuring customizable content, and coming with a fascinating story. The player’s level is increased after reaching a certain EXP threshold by defeating monsters, creating items, and completing quests. The first reviews were rather negative, but after multiple patches and overhauls, Final Fantasy XIV was considered more playable and eventually reached a peak of 6 million accounts. The game, however, was closed in November 2012.

4. The Lord of the Rings Online

Based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings, the game takes place during the time period of The Lord of the Rings. Although it required a subscription in the beginning, LOTRO became free-to-play, and a paid VIP subscription option was created for those interested in game perks. The game was released in 2007 and it will continue, as in December 2016 it was announced that LOTRO will be developed and maintained by a new company created by members of the LOTRO team, Standing Stone Games. LOTRO was considered the third most played MMORPG in 2010 and so far, it has received wide universal acclaim. In terms of storytelling, the game starts when Frodo and his friends leave The Shire and there are 25 different regions that players have access to. In each region, players need to complete quests to increase their level. Gamers can choose between five playable races: dwarf, elf, hobbit, beorn, and man. Characters in the game have professions like gathering and crafting and can advance their skills by adding armour, weapons, and other equipment.

5. Skyforge

Released more recently, in July 2015, Skyforge has been in development since 2010. Currently there are two servers available, in Europe and North America. The game attracts players with a fascinating universe and instantly-captivating early game. Instead of re-levelling for hundreds of hours, players can switch play style immediately as long as they go to areas they have already unlocked. The game is placed in the fictional world of Aelion, containing three areas: the Divine Observatory, the Research Center, and the Park. The planet of Aelion used to be protected by the greater god Aeli, who has disappeared to leave followers protected just by Immortals and several lesser gods. Now, followers need to stand the attacks of hostile gods, and players of Skyforge take over the role of Immortals. Skyforge has a science-fiction touch to it, as old-fashioned weapons meet cutting edge technology. Currently, Skyforge is free-to-play, but an optional premium subscription will be introduced for players who want to purchase additional items and perks.

Which of these 5 MMORPGs have you played and which is your favourite? What games would you add to the list? We’re looking forward to hearing your opinion!

5 Golden Age arcade video games that have made history

Arcade games remain some of the most popular and best-sold video games since the launch of the first commercial video arcade game in 1971 – when Syzygy, a precursor to Atari Inc. launched Computer Space. These coin-operated pieces of equipment were usually installed in public businesses like restaurants and bars and have lost their popularity after home-based video game consoles like PlayStation have been introduced in the 1990s. However, those who have been growing up in the late 1970s to mid-1980s will still remember the following 5 arcade games:

1. Space Invaders

Space Invaders has been launched in 1978 and is considered to be one of the earliest shooting games. Successful since its first release, Space Invaders was manufactured by Taito in Japan and was licensed for production in the United States by the Midway division of Bally. The purpose of the game is to defeat waves of aliens using a laser cannon in order to earn points. With games like Space Invaders the current video game industry has truly emerged and overcome the novelty phase. This two-dimensional game is very simple for today’s standards: the laser cannon can be controlled by the player by moving it horizontally at the bottom of the screen and shooting descending aliens. After eliminating more aliens, the enemy’s movement and the game’s music speed up and waves become more and more difficult to defeat. Aliens also try to destroy the cannon by firing at it. The game ends when aliens reach the bottom. Bonus points can be obtained by destroying a mystery ship occasionally crossing the screen. The laser cannon is protected by defence bunkers which are gradually destroyed by alien or player blasts. For eliminating alien invaders players can score from 10 to 30 points, and the mystery ship is worth 50 to 300 points.

2. Pac-Man

Also developed and released by Japanese video game designers, Pac-Man was launched in 1980 and created by Toru Iwatani. Months after being launched in Japan, it was also released in the United States and became incredibly popular. Pac-Man is considered an icon of the 1980s popular culture and it continues to have a strong fan base even today.it is also one of the highest grossing video games, having generated more than $2.5 billion by the 1990s. Pac-Man was different from other successful games from the Golden Age of arcade video games. Pac-Man is controlled by the player through a maze and is eating biscuits or dots; after eating all biscuits, Pac-Man reaches the next level. However, there are four enemies trying to catch Pac-Man: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Being touched by one of the enemies means losing one life, and when all lives are lost the game is over.

3. Tempest

Unlike the other two games, Tempest was designed by Dave Theurer and launched in the United States. There are some premieres related to this game: the first game to allow the player to choose their starting level, one of the first games to use Atari’s Color-QuadraScan vector display technology, and one of the first games to provide a progressive level design, which means that levels varied instead of giving the player the same layout without increasing game difficulty. Players need to survive as long as possible and to collect as many points by eliminating enemies that have landed on the playing field. The player is controlling a ship which shots fire down the tube and eliminates enemies within the same segment. A special weapon, the Superzapper, destroys all enemies currently on the playfield.

4. Star Trek

This space combat arcade game is based on the Star Trek television program and was released by Sega in 1983. The player can choose between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional first-person perspective. As expected, in this game you need to control the Starship Enterprise and defend it from Klingon ships. The multiple views of the play field made it different from other arcade games at the time and the multiple controls to activate various weapons like warp engines and photon torpedoes made it very captivating for players in the 1980s. A review published in 1983 in Electronic Games said: “Star Trek is sure to be a top-grosser in the arcades this year. If you can squeeze through the crowd around the machine, you may never want to leave.”

5. Donkey Kong

Back to Japanese games with the last item on our list – Donkey Kong was released by Nintendo in 1981 and is one of the first games in the platform game genre. This means players need to control a character across platforms while also jumping over obstacles. The storyline is simple: the main character, Mario, needs to rescue a damsel in distress, Pauline, from a huge ape called Donkey Kong. The games also uses cut scenes to present the plot and the narrative ends when Mario manages to reach the top platform and rescue Pauline. A lesser-known fact is that Donkey Kong was created to recycle a large number of unsold machines, which originally ran an unsuccessful game in North America, Radar Scope.

Feeling nostalgic after going through our list? Which of these games do you remember best?

15 Main Video Game Genres You Should Know About

Are you a fan of video games? Then you should definitely know what the main genres are, so the next time you see “MMORPG” or “MOBA” you know what it is about. Who knows, by going through this list you may find a new type of video game attracting your attention!

1. Platform games

Have you ever played Super Mario or Jazz Jackrabbit? Then you know what a platform game is – you need to guide a character through obstacles and advance by moving from one platform to another. Donkey Kong was the first platform game, but the absolute bestseller is Super Mario.

2. Shooter games

These games can be first-person or third-person shooter, depending on the perspective of play, and the purpose is to eliminate enemies by using various weapons. Doom is a good example of shooter game.

3. Role Playing Games (RPGs)

An adventure game is an RPG if it meets the following criteria: players need to complete a specific quest, characters evolve by adding abilities, and characters need to acquire and manage various tools needed to complete the quest.

4. Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG)

MMORPGs are a version of the previous video game genre, but the difference is that these games are played online and thousands of users participate concomitantly. One of the best-known games in the genre is World of Warcraft.

5. Simulation games

In simulation games players can control vehicles such as cars, ships, tanks, and aircraft. Aside from simulation games dedicated to amateurs, there also are professional simulation games used to train pilots.

6. Puzzles

Puzzles are a type of brain game with no action involved. Difficulty levels vary from beginner to expert and these games are known to improve cognitive functions, including in older players.

7. Combat or fighting games

In this type of game you need to fight with one or more opponents. Multiple controls are available to replicate fighting moves.

8. Educational games

Educational games help with learning processes and are definitely the kind of video game that parents allow their children to play. These games feature questions from areas such as math, science, and information and communication technology, and players usually have multiple answer options to choose from.

9.Survival games

This type of game is not for the faint of heart – one needs to “survive” in an environment including frightening and disturbing elements. Survival horror games are dedicated to a mature audience.

10. Life simulation

Life simulation games are also known as artificial life games and require players to control artificial lives. A very successful version in the genre is pet-raising simulations, and the best example is probably Tamagotchi.

11. Strategy games

This type of video game involves lots of planning and thinking in order to obtain the victory against the enemy – usually, the player plays the role of a god who is controlling units under their command. Subgenres include 4X games, artillery games, real-time strategy (RTS), real-time tactics (RTT), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), tower defence, and wargames among others.

12. Trivia games

Trivia games are played a lot on mobile phones, because you can dedicate any amount of time to them, from the couple of minutes before you enter the dentist’s office to several hours spent while travelling by bus, for instance. In this type of game, the goal is to answer questions in order to obtain points.

13. Board games and card games

These are computer versions of traditional games, and they have been popular for a long time, because they don’t require a large amount of computer resources. Examples include Chess, Backgammon, Solitaire, Mah-jongg, and other.

14. Arcade games

The popularity of these games has decreased since home-based video game consoles have been launched in the 1990s – arcade games are provided by coin-operated equipment and they were usually found in public businesses like bars and restaurants. Regarding arcade game examples, it’s impossible to not have heard about Pac-Man or Space Invaders.

15. Dancing games

The best known dancing game is Dance Dance Revolution – players stand on a platform and need to hit coloured arrows with their feet with help from visual and musical cues. A major benefit of these games is that you can lose weight due to the aerobic exercise. Some dancing games even feature a workout mode to encourage weight loss in players.


As you probably have been thinking while reading this list of video game genres, many games are not limited to just one single genre, and are in fact a combination of two or more types. For instance, Portal 2 is a game based on first-person shooter mechanics where you don’t need to shoot anything but in fact you have to solve puzzles.

Video games are a source of entertainment, but they can also bring benefits by sharpening some skills. Which of these game genres have you tried so far and what impact did they have on your life?

11 Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Is playing video games a guilty pleasure for you? Are you trying to give up on this habit because everybody is telling you how bad video games are for your health? It looks like you should stop worrying, since scientists have found multiple evidence suggesting video games come with surprising benefits. Unless you are addicted to video games and you don’t forget to eat and sleep because you can’t leave your computer or video game console, the following list of benefits is for you. If you know how to balance video games with other activities such as work, rest, socializing with other people and physical exercise, you’ll definitely enjoy the following advantages:

1. Improving vision

Playing games in moderation could improve your vision. A study has shown that after 10 weeks of play, subjects were able to distinguish between more shades of grey. In another study, people played video games using their eye with poorer vision, while the good one was obscured – improvement in the lazy eye was noticed at the end of the experiment.

2. Improving general knowledge

Many games have fascinating storyline and use history to make their narrative more interesting. This can sparkle one’s interest for history and culture and determine them to research books and other resources on topics they have seen in video games.

3. Improving cognitive functions in older players

If you are a fan of brain games, you will probably maintain your mental abilities at an older age. Multiple studies on participants 50 and older showed that after several hours of playing puzzles, memory games, and problem-solving games, these people had superior cognitive functioning and the effect lasted for years.

4. Faster decision-making

Some people are able to make the right decision in a split second and thus save their lives in difficult situations. It looks like this ability can be cultivated through gaming. Studies have shown that people who played fast-paced games had a higher reaction speed to unexpected stimuli than those who didn’t play at all.

5. Reducing stress

Video games are your comfort activity after a stressful day at work? You shouldn’t give up on the habit, because some games can reduce your adrenaline response by over 50% – of course, we are not talking here about violent games.

6. Better eye-hand coordination

Exercising ability helps improving it, and the same happens with eye-hand coordination, which can be trained by playing video games. This can be extremely helpful in a number of professions – for instance, surgeons can benefit from video games. A study performed on laparoscopic specialist showed that doctors who played video games for more than three hours a week made fewer errors that those who didn’t play – 32% fewer mistakes, actually.

7. Helping with dyslexia

Since the cause of dyslexia is not being able to concentrate one’s attention on visual stimuli, video games can help with this condition. A study performed on dyslexic children showed that 12 hours of playing video games helped to elevate their scores on reading and phonology tests – the same effect or even better than being enrolled in programs that treat dyslexia.

8. Better multitasking

Although multitasking is actually impossible since the human brain can only concentrate on one task at a time, in many professions people need to be able to switch their attention from one stimulus to another in a repeated manner. A study has shown that gamers who took a test modelled after skills required in piloting aircraft delivered superior performance compared to those who don’t play video games at all.

9. Making friends

Making friends is easier when you share a common interest with other people. Although parents see gaming as an isolated activity, children have a different opinion and see games as a common ground with other kids. Games are a conversation subject, especially for young boys, and children play video games with a group of friends, either in the same room or online. Some children may choose to play video games just to have a pretext to befriend other kids.

10. Encouraging physical exercise

This may sound like nonsense in the first place, but it’s not. Children who play sports games learn about all kinds of moves and strategies and are eager to try them in real life. They may go outside and practice very hard just to reproduce what they’ve seen in these realistic sports games.

11. Advancing your career

Some games can sharpen skills like governance, leadership, strategic thinking and so on – training these abilities can have a positive impact in one’s professional life. Having to make the right decision, and fast, in a game can make you respond better to crisis situations at the office.

All in all, video games are not good or bad themselves. What matters is how you use them, and moderation is once again the key to healthy living. Playing video games for a limited time while also engaging in other beneficial activities will bring you the benefits mentioned in this article and help you lead a happier, fuller life.

12 Tips To Help You Avoid Video Game Addiction

You feel like you’ve been spending too much time playing video games lately? Do you often go to sleep late at night because you couldn’t let go of your favourite game? Or are you a concerned parent who is afraid their kids will end up addicted to video games? Your worries are totally legit, but you should start with the following idea in mind: video games are not bad per se; the problem is how we handle this pastime activity and if we know when to stop. Here are some tips to avoid making video games a problem instead of a way to relax:

1. Take responsibility

As we’ve mentioned just before, not video games are the problem, but the person who is playing. Don’t blame the game and if you have a problem, accept it instead of blaming anyone else, from the person who has given you a game console as a gift to companies that develop video games.

2. What is the impact?

Playing video games may prevent you from engaging in other pleasant or healthy activities, like doing physical exercise, reading, or going out with friends. Think of the positive aspects of limiting the amount of time you spend playing video games.

3. Realise the magnitude of the problem

Be honest with yourself and count how many hours you spend every week playing video games. Round up the numbers. If you spend more than 25 hours every week in front of your computer or gaming console, then you have a serious problem and you should do something about it as soon as possible.

4. Limit your time

Setting the alarm clock to sound after one hour should help, but the tactic will fail if you play the kind of games that require you to spend hours before making a save or that you can’t quit at any moment. It’s also important to pick the kind of game genre that allows you to play for a limited time.

5. Schedule other activities

Make a list of activities that you enjoy, preferably those that involve socializing, going out, or exercising. You need to consciously choose to pursue a different activity, and once you start doing it, it will be easier to forget about that video game.

6. Earn your gaming time

This tactic is usually recommended for children, but you can apply it on yourself as well. The idea is to do an exchange on video games, like spending three hours doing something beneficial for your mind and body, like reading or exercising, and one hour playing video games.

7. Spend quality time with other people

Oftentimes, solitary activities like playing video games represent a refuge. Instead of working to solve the issues in your relationship, you choose to ignore the entire situation and immerse in a fictional world. Or parents let children play video games in the first place because this takes the job of entertaining kids out of their hands. This strategy not only delays the bad consequences, but it also makes them worse. So solve the other problems in your life first and the need to play video games for hours in a row will probably disappear.

8. Make sure you meet all obligations before playing video games

Meet all your obligations related to school, work, and family, and only then play video games as a reward for doing your job.

9. Avoid the equipment related to games

Use a phone that doesn’t support too many games and stop purchasing equipment that encourages you to play video games, such as consoles, new computers designed for gaming, or operating systems that facilitate gaming.

10. Avoid open-ended games

Open-ended games like Civilization and World of Warcraft can easily cause addiction because the game never ends; with other games, your addiction vanishes when you’ve unlocked all features, but the situation is different with these MMOs. Try board games or card games instead – you will still need to plan and focus on the game, but at least you know the game ends at some point.

11. Ask someone else to be in control

If you really can’t stop, consider involving a friend or relative in the entire situation. For instance, ask a relative to hide your consoles and CDs, or use parental control software and let them play the role of the parent, without you knowing the password.

12. Get professional help

If none of the suggestions above help, it may be time for you to get help from a therapist so you move past your addiction. You will learn how to refocus your energy and interest towards a different activity instead of gaming, and addiction counsellors know exactly how to help each client to get over gaming issues.

We hope the pieces of advice in this article will help you enjoy video games in a healthy manner and be in control all the time instead of letting them to take over your life.

6 Most Delayed Games And How They Turned Out

Video games are difficult to make and require a whole team of experienced professionals to develop one: game designers, scriptwriters, artists, programmers, producers, and testers. The problem is not only making a game possible, from following budgets and schedules to being able to create the fictional world proposed by the scriptwriter and game designer; the game design team also needs to create a game that will draw audiences and be a commercial success, and, if possible, to innovate and come up with new way to play video games. So it’s no wonder that many games were delayed for a long time and appeared years after they were first announced. Some of these games became successful, while others failed. Here are some of the best-known delayed video games:

1. Halo: Combat Evolved

This game’s development began in mid ‘90s, but Combat Evolved was eventually released in 2001. The reason for the delay was that the game was meant to be launched on Mac and PC simultaneously, which didn’t happen. Instead, it was only launched on PC and it also evolved from a real-time strategy game into a first person shooter. The wait was worth – Halo sold one million units in less than five months after its release. Furthermore, the large majority of critics praised it for its quality and considered it “the most important launch game for any console, ever.”

2. Super Mario Sunshine

In the late ‘90s, developers started to work on this game, and eventually managed to finish it in 2002. It is the sixth instalment in the Super Mario series, after Super Mario 64 in 1996. The game performed well financially, as it sold more than 5.5 million copies worldwide and it was released again in 2003 in a selection of games with high sales, called The Player’s Choice. Critics like those from GamePro called Super Mario Sunshine “a masterpiece of superior game design, infinite gameplay variety, creativity, and life.”

3. Perfect Dark Zero

Not all delayed games were successful in the end. For Perfect Dark Zero, development began in 2000, but the game was released in 2005. Perfect Dark Zero was considered a disappointment compared to the N64 original. Weaknesses included the overly shiny visuals, the poor storyline for the single player component, and the annoying controls. Disappointed publications like GameCritics stated: “It took Rare a whole console generation to do it … and the wait wasn’t really worth it”. In 2010, the game was listed on the 6th position in GameTrailer’s list of “Top 10 Disappointments of the Decade”.

4. Half-Life 2

It’s no wonder this game was delayed, since its developer, Valve, is known for launching games later than expected. Developing Half-Life 2 took approximately 5 years, and the title is considered one of the best ever produced. The game was launched 1 year after its initially scheduled launch date, in November 2004, and is now considered a masterpiece. The long development time probably made it possible for assets like the advanced graphics and physics and the captivating story. Maximum PC even called Half-Life 2 “the best game ever made”.

5. Spore

Again, a game that turned bad – the 2008 Spore had been announced more seven years before and even missed its 2007 release. Obviously, people had high expectations from this RTS god game developed by Maxis, but were disappointed by its superficial gameplay and the controversy related to the game’s digital rights management software, which made users’ computers vulnerable to security risks. However, gamers and critics also found some good points about Spore, such as its fascinating universe and the possibility to control the development of characters and to produce content for the game. The game’s developers defended their creation by saying they wanted to make a game for casual players, and considered this game has more depth than some successful titles like The Sims.

6. Too Human

Too Human is probably one of the most delayed titles in video game history. The RPG was announced in 1999, but it only emerged in 2008. Gamers probably became bored about the story of Too Human being launched soon, so when the game finally hit the shelves, it was treated with indifference. Too Human is based on the Norse mythology and features a version of Norse gods who are cybernetically enhanced humans, responsible for defending mankind from Loki’s army of machines. The player is given the role of the Baldur god, which is less cybernetic than the other deities and thus seen as “too human”. But why didn’t gamers like Too Human? Weaknesses included the predictable art design, the unusual use of right analog stick for combat, the short length for its genre, and the lack of the four multiplayer mode initially considered by developers.

Have you ever been disappointed by a video game you had been expecting for a long time? Or was it worth the wait? What other titles do you have in mind for this list?

9 Video Games Announced For 2017

Each new year brings innovations in every field, including video games. Passionate gamers are looking forward to new titles, especially since 2016 has been a great year for games, with good quality releases like Hitman, Battlefield 1, and Final Fantasy XV. What surprises are waiting for us in 2017?

1. Yakuza

The first Yakuza game was launched in 2005 and due to its commercial success was expanded to an entire game franchise. Yakuza is a third-person game in the action-adventure genre, where players evolve through combat. The game was originally launched in Japan and for 2017 Sega has planned to release Yakuza 0, featuring a young Kazuma Kiryu living in the 1980s and fighting violence and corruption.

2. Days Gone

This title is most probably unknown to you because it’s a new game. Days Gone is being developed by SIE Bend Studio and will be an open world action-adventure video game in the survival horror genre. The action is placed in a zombie post-apocalyptic era and the main character is a former bounty hunter, called Deacon St. John. The game is expected to have amazing graphics and players will enjoy a vast open world to explore.

3. Sniper Elite 4

Scheduled for release on February 14, 2017, Sniper Elite 4 can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The action is placed in World War 2, and the protagonist Karl Fairburne reaches Mussolini’s Italy. This tactical shooter and stealth game was first released in 2005, and players can use weapons inspired from the World War II era, such as sniper rifles, light machine guns, anti-tank weapons, hand grenades, and so on.

4. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil is a very popular title, because it’s more than just a video game, it has also been developed into a media franchise. Created by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara, Resident Evil was originally a survival horror video game that inspired novels, comic books, films, animations, action figure, and sound dramas. The first release dates from 1996, and for 2017 Capcom has scheduled Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This is the first instalment in the series that has a first-person perspective and is adapted for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

5. Sea of Thieves


Again a new title with Sea of Thieves, an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Rare and published for PC and Xbox One. Sea of Thieves uses Unreal Engine 4 and will include the following gameplay elements and key features: treasure hunting, cooperative gameplay mechanics, teamwork to manoeuvre the ship around the sea, day and night cycle, and proximity voice chat with other players, among others.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda is one of the video games with the highest longevity, and Breath of the Wild will be the 19th instalment of the series. A novelty for this game is that it will be developed with an HD resolution. The action-adventure game is placed in a vast open-world, populated by monsters, and is announced to have many things in common with the original game. Moreover, it will be using an advanced physics engine and voice acting. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is definitely a title that has made curious many video game fans and we are looking forward to see what’s new about it.

7. Yooka-Laylee

Looking for a good platform video game to remind you of your 90’s childhood, but which can also live up to today’s standards? The upcoming Yooka-Laylee may be the solution. The game will be released in April 2017 for Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Yooka-Laylee is being developed by Playtonic Games and its gameplay will have many elements in common with predecessor Banjo-Kazooie.

8. Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action role-playing, third-person shooter scheduled for March 2017. Its publisher is Electronic Arts and the game will be available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The last instalment in the series is Mass Effect 3, released in 2012, and this sequel has been announced in June 2015. The player controls one of two main characters, Sara or Scott Ryder, and navigates using the Tempest ship throughout the Andromeda galaxy.

9. Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata has been in production since 2014 and is being developed by Platinum Games. The action role-playing video game will be published for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The main character is a combat android who protects the remnants of humanity from machines sent by alien invaders. This game will probably attract the attention of those who like Japanese role-playing games and is expected to retain many of the elements of the original Nier game.

Which of these games are you already expecting to be launched? What are your expectations for 2017 in gaming? One thing is for sure – this year will be very generous for those looking for a new video game passion.

Top 4 Android Games You Should Play This Year

Gaming on mobile is improving day by day. Every year, these games reach new heights. Here are some of the best Android games you should play this year.


This game is about time travel. In this game, you need to get each of the spacemen to the exit that matches with their helmet color. You should guide them using arrows. You should guide spacemen through time so that they can help their previous selves. You will get the experience of moving back and forth through time. You will need to find a solution to any problem by time traveling.

Traps n’ Gemstones

This game will put you into a huge pyramid that is filled with spiders, traps, and mummies! You must find out how to steal all the valuables from here and escape. You should work your way deeper into the pyramid. By placing certain objects, you will open up new pathways.

Captain Cowboy

You are placed in a huge handcrafted world that is full of walls, boulders, and other obstacles. You will get crushed by huge rocks. You have to dig your way through dirt and use boulders to overcome your threats.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

It is one of the fastest games on Android. The tracks are more linear. You will race through cities and try to win events. When you win, you get the chance of getting a new vehicle. The look is gorgeous and the soundtrack is great.

All these games are based on different themes. They are very challenging and exciting. If you are a fan of android games, you should definitely try out these new games this year.

3 Strong Features of Ghost Racon: Wildlands

The first version of the game was released more than a decade ago. This game throws you into the war-torn land that is full of trouble, just like it’s previous versions. You should do your best to overrun the bad guys. Here are three strong features of this recent game that you will find interesting.

The story

It is set in Bolivia. You will use helicopters and rescue rebels. Your target is El Sueno who is the leader of the Santa Blanca cartel. He is in control of the entire region and runs his cocaine business here. Your job is to take this leader down. It is an open-world game and you have lots of freedom in movement. You will come into frequent clashes with the cartel members and the law enforcement as well. You will use lots of guns, grenades and other deadly arms in this game.

The structure

The game has only one goal, that is, to kill El Sueno. This is the uniqueness of this game from the other open-world games. You need to take down each member of the Santa Blanca cruel to progress with the game. The areas differ in the number of enemies, weapons, etc. So, you need to use better tactics for these areas. The game is meant to be played by multiple players, but you can play on your own as well. In that case, you will have three AI partners.


The game has endless customization options. You can change your character and your weaponry. You can also change the way your weapon will function. You can make your warrior as ridiculously looking as possible. You can customize your outfit to great details.

Overall, it is a wonderful game to play. As you progress, you earn points, new guns and accessories to take your enemy down. It is definitely one of the most exciting games of this year.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Video Games

People have a misconception that video games only have negative effects. They are addictive and they make you fat. But there are actually several benefits of video games.

1. They improve motor skills

Playing interactive video games are good for developing your motor skills. So, children who play these interactive games will be good at catching, kicking or throwing a ball. It also improves eye-hand coordination.

2. They help to relieve pain

Video games and virtual reality experiences help to relieve pain. So, for example, if you are going through intensive treatment like chemotherapy, then playing video games can ease your pain.

3. They improve eyesight

People have a misconception that playing video games is bad for your eyesight. But in reality, it is the opposite. Playing video games improves eyesight. You will be able to tell even very fine contrast differences.

4. Helps in decision making

Playing video games can help you make decisions faster. They develop increased sensitivity towards what goes on around them. You will get better at driving, multitasking, and other things. You get more efficient in collecting visual and auditory information.

5. They help in dealing with mental illness

Video games help people who suffer from mental illness like depression. It helps them to deal with their symptoms and make them feel relaxed and less stressed.

So, now you know that playing video games actually has lots of benefits. So, you should play video games to improve your various skills and spend some good time.